MK Rennsporttechnik Race ABS MK60 Upgrade / Full Standalone

We differentiate between two systems, the MK60R and the MK60P

The MK60R (813.3/817.3) works with 2 external brake pressure sensors, so it can be driven with balance beam pedals in a large adjustment between VA and HA (e.g. front-wheel drive Rally).

The CAN output can be freely determined, the following CAN signals are possible, 500/1000kbaut Universal Motorsport or the BMW M3e46 CAN, so it can be fully integrated again into the M3 e46 standard scope (no DSC error messages are retained, SMG suitable)

For standalone use, the error lamps are output via an analog output.

The MK60P (has the same braking performance as the R device) but he works with an internal brake pressure sensor, so it is only conditionally suitable for balance beam pedals, but also less construction and cost effort, the error lamps are output via the CAN signal

CAN output: BMW CAN 2000

#NEW - CAN error lamp translater box with analog output for an LED are available from stock

The control units and the software are the same for both variants and are programmed to suit your vehicle and use.

There are 5 different softwares are available for circuits and Hillclimb races:

  • S2000/WTCC software (this is perfect for e.g. e30 e36 e36 e46 e90 without aero or medium aero)
  • GTR for vehicles (wide body with medium aero)
  • GT2/GT3 full aero vehicles
  • All-wheel drive with front engine
  • Front engine with front wheel drive

Additional software for Rally, Gravel, Snow or Rally Mix available.

As a standalone device, the ABS is fully capable of diagnostics and can be read out with all common programs via the OBD connector.

We also offer universal and vehicle-specific full standalone wiring harnesses for E30 E36 E46 etc.

To program the racing software we need, among other things,

  • vehicle weight
  • purpose
  • Tire rolling circumference VA + RA if different,
  • installed brake system (number of pistons and disc diameter)
  • Balance beam brake yes or no

We will send you the exact list of questions, as well as all circuit diagrams, CAN protocols and working documents by email for ordering.

Please email inquiries and orders to:

or use the contact form.