Bumpsteer correction Kit front Axle M3 e36

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MK-Uniball tie rods Set M3 e36 Bumpsteer correction

Product advantages:

• Suitable for the M3 e36
30mm for 17" Rims and 40mm Bumpsteer correction for 18" Rims
• No elasto toe and camber change
• Better feedback steering
More precise relent
• Minimal wear and very Durable Fluro Rose joints with bend angle increase (for larger A and rebound travel)
• connecting rod high strength aerospace aluminum 7075 t6 drilled hollow to reduce weight
• Kingpin (fastening bolts) from high-strength special steel CrMo4 42
• Material certificate available
• Motorsport tested in various racing series and Touriverkehr
• CNC - turned and milled
• Supplied as a set for a vehicle
• Made in Germany
• Black Anodized

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