Carbon Airbox M3 CSL

2,099.00 €
incl. VAT, plus delivery


M3 e46 CSL Style Carbon Airbox S54

With us you get the best CSL Replica Airbox you can buy! the real "Karbonius" CSL Airbox!

The sound, the optics and the processing are unparalleled!

With CSL funnels 1899 €

With carbon funnels 2069 €

Product advantages:

     CSL sound
     Visible carbon CSL optics
     Carbon / CSL velocity stacks
     Accuracy of fit
     Easy installation
     Use of the CSL air filter
     Connection for the intake air temperature sensor like the CSL
     Elimination of the air mass meter
     also suitable for the Z4M
     5 year manufacturer warranty
     Glued-in plastic fastening ring for the CSL flap or the intake snorkel

We also offer the right Alpha N software set-up for roads and racing engines, please contact us!

The price does not include an air filter, which you can order from us at a special price.

Shipping costs within Germany only 16.99 €

Worldwide shipping is possible !!!