GTS Rear Wing BMW M3

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MK-Rennsporttechnik Clubsport carbon rear spoiler M3 GTS-Style



  •      Club Sport rear wing similar to the GTS and GT4 Wing
  •      Multiple adjustable
  •      Very light with only 2kg
  •      E36 e46 e90 Perfect for any E92 and M4 or universally usable
  •      Approximately 120cm wide and 15cm deep approximately
  •      generates tangible output
  •      Super optics
  •      GRP
  •      Made in Germany !!!!!
  •      Matching CNC machined bracket feet of high-strength aluminum 7075 are available at extra cost to + 175 € pair Please specify when ordering.

The rear wing will be delivered in carbon fiber.

Shipping within Germany € 29.99

Shipping within EU € 39

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Ala posteriore GTS M3
120 centimetri di larghezza e 15 centimetri profondo
molto buona qualità
Nordschleife testato !!!
disponibile in fibra di vetro e carbonio
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aileron arrière M3 GTS
120cm de large et 15 cm de profondeur
très bonne qualité
Nordschleife testé !!!
disponible en fibre de verre et carbone
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