header exhaus insulation wrap

945.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery


Powerful exhaust manifold thermal insulation

Reduces surface temperature up to 650Grad

We isolate your elbow for a fixed price!

6 cylinder for example M3 s54 or S50 945 €

8 cylinders S62 and S65 765€ per manifold

The thermal insulation of the exhaust manifold or the exhaust system reduces the surface temperature up to 650 ° The temperatures in the engine and interior are significantly reduced! With a complete insulation of the exhaust system, not only the interior temperatures but also the gearboxes and rear axle oil temperatures drop, so for example a closed underbody can be easily installed.

Processing time from delivery 2-3 weeks.

On request it is also possible to isolate the complete exhaust system incl. Cat.

Plus shipping costs in D 12,99 €

Shipping costs within EU 19,90 €

Shipping outside EU please inquire.